In today's health insurance landscape, nothing is more important for private exchanges than having effective, reliable technology to support the enrollment of new members. The InsureMonkey solution is the engine that drives new enrollment, letting you focus on your core business.


Insure Monkey, technology that empowers your members.

Technology that Empowers Your Members.

Millions of prospective new members are counting on state and Federal marketplaces to help them get insurance – and nobody wants to let them down. InsureMonkey's technology stack integrates seamlessly with your website, giving individuals and families everything they need to find the perfect plan at the right price.

Level the Playing Field and Expand Your Offerings.

InsureMonkey's private-label solution gives your exchange the same powerful and proven tools being used by state and Federal marketplaces to successfully enroll millions, and enables you to provide your members with access and service to major health insurers including Aetna, Anthem, Assurant, Cigna, BCBS, Coventry, Humana and United.

Insure Monkey, technology that empowers your members.

Technology with a Human Touch.

Our private exchange is more than just an online storefront. Our member care center is staffed with dedicated specialists who are passionate about helping your clients identify the right coverage and complete the enrollment process, combining innovative technology with people who really care to increase closing rates.

More than Better Enrollment. Happier Customers.

By making enrollment faster, easier and genuinely personalized, InsureMonkey does more than give you a competitive advantage. It gives your members a better shopping experience. One-stop shopping and expert advice demystify an otherwise intimidating process – and then after enrollment we manage the ongoing client relationship on your behalf, so your members can be assured access to the coverage they need and the compassion they deserve.