Grace Why Preventative Care is a Part of the Affordable Care Act

One of the biggest components to the Affordable Care Act is the preventative services that individual and family health plans are now required to cover without cost sharing. These services ensure Americans across the country will have access to the preventative care they need under their individual health plans.

We have the analysis on why preventative care became such an essential part of family health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

More People Getting Preventative Care

Statistics have shown that fewer people get preventative care when it is not covered under Individual Health Plans. Even when preventative services are included in family health insurance, the high cost of deductibles or co-pays may leave some cash-strapped families without the medical services they need.

By ensuring that preventative care is covered under all individual and family health plans, more people will be likely to get the necessary medical services to stay healthy.

Healthier Children

Children will now receive important preventative services like well-child check-ups and immunizations as part of their family medical insurance. When children get immunizations on schedule, there is a much lower likelihood of many childhood diseases.

Annual check-ups assess developmental milestones and keep watch over any potential health issues, including excessive weight gain. With childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions, regular trips to the doctor are essential in maintaining a healthier weight and body.

A Healthier Work Force

People who have preventative care included in their individual health plans tend to be healthier overall. This means employees with a lower incidence of absenteeism, which leads to a more productive work force. When more people are healthy enough to work in this country, there is less strain on social services and an increase in family household income. Adding preventative care to individual health plans means more people can get back to work and stay on the job for longer periods of time.

Nipping Health Problems in the Bud

Dealing with health conditions before they become major health problems is the best way to keep people in better shape and save money on individual health plans. By including preventative care in individual health plans, patients and doctors will be more likely to catch diseases in their early stages when they are most treatable. For example, those who show early signs of heart disease have a much better chance of managing their conditions at this stage, rather than waiting for a major crisis like a heart attack.

Relief for our Health Care System

A health care system taxed with chronic diseases and emergency care situations will have to spend much more to keep the general public in good health. Those expenses will trickle down to individual health plans, in terms of higher premiums and more cost sharing. To alleviate the problem, the inclusion of preventative care in individual health plans will ensure people get medical care sooner rather than later, relieving some of the strain on our health care system.

Preventative care is an essential part of individual health insurance if members of the individual health plans are to stay as health as possible. With preventative services included in family health plans, we can save money and enjoy a healthier population at the same time.

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