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Sean Sheffer The Biggest Mistake When Choosing Your Health Plan

With open enrollment right around the corner, what's the biggest mistake you can make when choosing your health insurance plan? 

Not taking the time to understand what your health insurance needs will be in the upcoming year. 
What is open enrollment? 
Open enrollment is the time of year when employers present to employees their health benefits and offerings, products and packages, all of which will influence your premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. 

For majority of U.S. companies, open enrollment season is starting, and according to a Fox news report, more than 50 percent of employees don’t know which ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation Part 3

Concluding the look into so-called "health insurance" plans, here's the confrontation into tackling these deceptive schemes.

The bottom line: We provide real health insurance plans, designed to protect you in your health and finances. Don't ever hesistate to ask us questions, our doors are open!

Chris Hansen meets up with Maria, a telemarketer who was recorded by Dateline's hidden cameras as she decieved customers about health plans she was selling. And now, at least two states are taking action. 

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Sean Sheffer A Retail Approach to Health Insurance

Imagine buying health insurance in an actual retail store, able to browse, ask employees questions (and maybe even enjoy the AC.)
Well one health insurance provider in Florida is doing just that. 

Florida Blue has invested in this new approach, changing the staunch white office space and call center to modern retail style stores throughout the state.

Over the last five years, Florida Blue has invested millions of dollars building almost a dozen of these locations, going as far as having an outlet in the Coconut Point mall in Estero

Health Insurance on the Shelf 
Here's the array of ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance for the Olympians

What do health insurance policies for Olympians look like? Well, it may actually be similar to yours…

For starters, check out the Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program (EAHI). The description states:

“The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program (EAHI) provides a level of base support by offering a program of health and major medical insurance for designated Elite Athletes in order to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by insured athletes for costs of medical care.”

Sounds similar to a basic health insurance policy, right?

That’s exactly what the official health insurance provider for Team USA ...

Sean Sheffer Challenges for Women's Health Insurance Plans


Are health insurance premiums for men and women set equal for all? Not yet.

Right off the bat, Women spend $1 billion more annually on health insurance premiums than men for the same health insurance plans. This term is coined, “Gender Rating”. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health tracking poll, a minority 35% of people are aware that gender rating is taking place.

Today, this leads to more than 90% of women’s individual health insurance plans versus the same plans for men.

Thankfully, this practice of gender rating is set to end under healthcare reform in 2014 ...

Sean Sheffer Infographic: Learn About Your Health Insurance Plan and Other Options


How soon can you read plan descriptions and health care costs stats before you get lost in numbers?

When it comes to health insurance plans, rising health care costs and policy options, it’s difficult to break it down. Fortunately, Daily Infographic has released a great and easy-to-follow graphics that will greatly increase your knowledge of your own health plan, as well as others.

Check out the health insurance infographic and other great facts, here.

Here are some interesting facts from the graphic:

  • The typical 22-year old can assume that they and their employer will spend $4,000,000 for ...

Sean Sheffer Avoid These False Health Insurance Tactics


Real health insurance plans have standards set by state health insurance regulators and the Affordable Care Act. You may think you’re insured, but if you are fooled into having a “junk” health plan, aka “limited-benefits plan” - as soon as you wind up in the hospital, you’ve reached your yearly limits and may be left fronting all the costs!

Earlier we discussed the problem with Mini-Med/Limited-Benefits plans

Other misleading products, most notably fixed indemnity plans and discount medical cards are targeted at people who don’t have employer sponsored health insurance because they either can’t afford individual ...

Sean Sheffer Identifying Limited-Benefit Health Plans – Mini-Meds


Real health insurance plans have standards set by health insurance regulators and the Affordable Care Act. You may think you’re insured, but if you are fooled into having a “junk” health insurance plan - as soon as you wind up in the hospital, you’ve reached your yearly limits and may be left fronting all the costs!

Following the tale of Judith and her unfortunate incident with her Cigna plan, the Talbots Cigna Starbridge plan is one of the many mini-med insurance products targeted to industries such as retail, food service, and temporary staffing agencies.

How do I identify a ...

Sean Sheffer Beware of False Health Insurance Plans


If it seems too good to be true, well, it probably is. Sometimes, so-called “health insurance plans” just don’t add up, and if you don’t investigate enough, you may be in big trouble. You may think your insured, but as soon as you wind up in the hospital, that telemarketer who sold you the plan is conveniently out of reach… and you’re left fronting all the costs!

Real health insurance plans have standards regulated by the health insurance commissioner of the state and more recently by the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance providers cannot put outrageously low ...

Sean Sheffer Understand Your Health Plan using this Sample Brochure


If your looking to buy health insurance or want to gain a greater understanding of your health coverage, take a look at this coverage sample and see the framework of an insurance plan. This sample will make sure you are up to par with any and all confusing terms to make you get the best value out of your health plan.

Some important takeaways from the sample brochure:

This sample pamphlet will answer many insurance related concepts and why they are important:

What is the overall deductible?

You must pay all the costs up to the deductible amount before this ...

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