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Sean Sheffer The "Essential Benefits Plan" Requirements Released by the HHS – What is it?


Are you familiar with the policies that are required in an “essential benefits package?” Knowing what will be in the essential benefits plan is key if you are looking for health insurance or want to know what changes the Affordable Care Act will bring by 2014.

Released on Friday, Dec 16th, the Department of Health and Human Services released guidance in a bulletin for feedback before final rules are set out.

You can find the bulletin from the HHS here.

The health reform law will require small group and individual health insurance plans to cover a core group of ...

Sean Sheffer Using Your Smartphone to Save on Health Insurance


Saving on health insurance can be an exhausting task. It consists of jumping through hoops, researching various policies, finding the best premiums to fit your budget and then talking long hours on the phone with your insurance agent to find the pros and cons of each of these decisions.

It may be difficult understanding your individual health insurance plan to save money, but don’t forget that you have two other powerful factors to save, your health and technology.

Simply put, if you have a smartphone, you have access to resources that provide you with medical information, out of pocket ...

Sean Sheffer Majority of Employers Will Still Offer Health Insurance After 2014


There is massive speculation as to what the impact of healthcare reform will have on employer sponsored health insurance. Some analysts believe that the subsidies in health exchanges for small businesses will make the business opt to not provide coverage, thus decreasing employer-sponsored health insurance.

According to a study released by Gfk Custom Research North America, more than half of all employers have said they would continue their health insurance plans even after the Affordable Care Act has been fully enacted.

56% of major employers indicated they would continue offering health benefits to their employees, while 12 percent expressed that ...