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Sean Sheffer Interactive Health Insurance Coverage Map

Want to know how many people are insured or uninsured specifically in your county?

The U.S. Census Bureau has an excellent mapping tool to let you see just that. The map shows the insurance coverage rates for over 3,100 counties! The info was collected back in 2010, remember when all those people came knocking at your door?

Health Insurance Coverage Map

Interactive Health Insurance Map

Check it out here.

The Census Bureau site says the program, called the Small Area Health Insurance Estimates, SAHIE, shows coverage by sex, age, race and Hispanic origin

"We use SAHIE data to more effectively gauge the ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation

If you're part of the 50 million Americans struggling without health insurance - we know that resources are scarce, and it takes tremendous responsibility to get through. 

Don't fall victim to these health insurance scams, as Keith Moore and Renee Jones realized only too late.

If you have questions on any health insurance plan that seems too good to be true - give us a call immediately. Period. 

Keith Moore and Renee Jones were like 50 million other Americans without major medical insurance. So when they heard about a plan they thought was comprehensive insurance at an affordable cost, they ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Providers Market Share Graph


Ever wonder how much market share your healthcare provider actually has in your state?

Check out this great InfoGraphic that represents the market shares of various healthcare providers in each state.

Here’s the description of the graphic:

“Opponents of the public option claim that by being forced to compete against the government, health care companies will be at an unfair advantage. But right now, health care companies hardly have to compete at all. In most states, one health care provider controls the vast share of the market, which allows them to raise premiums far faster than the wages of ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Providers Offering Gym Memberships?


Your health insurance plan can offer a low premium, high deductible, prescription drug coverage and access to your favorite healthcare provider – but in an effort to reduce healthcare costs what would happen if they started offering gym memberships?

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researcher Alicia Cooper and Amal Trevedi took a look at a private health insurance plans that offered gym memberships as part of the benefits package. In brief, they compared the enrollees of the plan to other members with different health insurance plans.

The group who had the health insurance plan that ...

Sean Sheffer Majority of Employers Will Still Offer Health Insurance After 2014


There is massive speculation as to what the impact of healthcare reform will have on employer sponsored health insurance. Some analysts believe that the subsidies in health exchanges for small businesses will make the business opt to not provide coverage, thus decreasing employer-sponsored health insurance.

According to a study released by Gfk Custom Research North America, more than half of all employers have said they would continue their health insurance plans even after the Affordable Care Act has been fully enacted.

56% of major employers indicated they would continue offering health benefits to their employees, while 12 percent expressed that ...

Sean Sheffer Porting your individual health insurance? Follow These Five Essential Tips


So you have done some research and really think that another insurance provider fits your needs better, now what?

What’s the first step?

Here is a general outline on what to expect and be prepared for. The first step is to approach the new health insurance provider and fill out a specific application for porting. They will process the application and post the request and on the IRDA site within one week. Meanwhile, your original health insurance provider will have to fill out all the data about your policy and credits through the IRDA site as well. Once this ...