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Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Costs Continue to Rise for Individuals and Small Businesses


The reports are out and the verdict: Rising health insurance premiums across all lines.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s latest study on health insurance premiums, the number of companies offering insurance has remained the same while costs continue to rise.

Individual health insurance rates increased 5 percent, small businesses saw a raise at 8%, and employer coverage for families grew at 4%. This represents the largest increase in family health insurance plans since 2004.

Small-businesses working to provide coverage

According to the KFF annual survey, small companies with fewer than 200 employees paid 84 percent of premiums for ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation Part 2

Continuing the investigation into a world where companys exploit those in need of real, affordable insurance plans, we take a deeper look into the terminolgy and manipulative ways theses callers use to sell you anything but a major medical health insurance plan. 

Chris Hansen and the investigative team at MSNBC go undercover - who's really on the other side of the line? 


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The next time you're suspicious of a call - give us a ring, and we'll be happy to shed light and educate you on ...

Sean Sheffer Rising Health Insurance Premiums Over the Last Decade

How much have health insurance premiums risen?

Regardless of any spin from political pundits, FaceTheFactsUSA.org, a nonpartisan information resource at The George Washington University has compiled the facts on the state of our health insurance costs. 

Average health insurance premiums for employers for a family of 4 have increased by 62 % over the last decade, from $8,576 annualy in 2000, to $13,871 in 2010. The amount employees have paid for in that same time span have increased to 82% of the total cost, to $3,721 a year. 

The infographic below is a telling tale of health ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Options for Young Adults


Where do young adults lie within the healthcare reform spectrum, and what are their options?

If you are part of this demographic - young, healthy, and hard pressed for cash– here is a breakdown of many options you’ll have today and by 2014, now that you are required to be covered by health insurance policies.

Option 1: Do nothing

Yes, you are required to have a health insurance policy, OR pay an annual fine. If you choose to forego coverage, beginning in 2014, your annual fee will start at $95, relative to your income. Those who would have to spend ...

Sean Sheffer How Much Health Reform Subsidy Will You Receive?


A crucial fact to know is that if you are looking to buy health insurance from your state health insurance exchange come 2014, you may be eligible for tax credits. In other words, the federal government could help subsidize your health insurance to make it more affordable.

There are many factors that determine what tax credits you will be eligible for – are you insuring your family as well? Your current age? Current Income? Access to employer sponsored health insurance?

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until 2014 to see your options, the Kaiser Family Foundation offers a great and ...