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Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation

If you're part of the 50 million Americans struggling without health insurance - we know that resources are scarce, and it takes tremendous responsibility to get through. 

Don't fall victim to these health insurance scams, as Keith Moore and Renee Jones realized only too late.

If you have questions on any health insurance plan that seems too good to be true - give us a call immediately. Period. 

Keith Moore and Renee Jones were like 50 million other Americans without major medical insurance. So when they heard about a plan they thought was comprehensive insurance at an affordable cost, they ...

Sean Sheffer A Tool for Fair Healthcare Pricing

Healthcare cost discrepancies

When’s the last time you went to a hospital, and knew exactly how much the cost of your medical procedures were going to be? Even further, if you see a physician at the hospital down the street for an MRI, chances are at another hospital 2 blocks down, an MRI is quoted at a difference price!

Healthcare costs discrepancies, mainly a lack of any real standard to even gauge how much medical procedures, may leave you unequipped on the most fundamental way to save money!

A book to open up

Healthcare Blue Book is a tool ...

Sean Sheffer A Retail Approach to Health Insurance

Imagine buying health insurance in an actual retail store, able to browse, ask employees questions (and maybe even enjoy the AC.)
Well one health insurance provider in Florida is doing just that. 

Florida Blue has invested in this new approach, changing the staunch white office space and call center to modern retail style stores throughout the state.

Over the last five years, Florida Blue has invested millions of dollars building almost a dozen of these locations, going as far as having an outlet in the Coconut Point mall in Estero

Health Insurance on the Shelf 
Here's the array of ...

Sean Sheffer Infographic: Learn About Your Health Insurance Plan and Other Options


How soon can you read plan descriptions and health care costs stats before you get lost in numbers?

When it comes to health insurance plans, rising health care costs and policy options, it’s difficult to break it down. Fortunately, Daily Infographic has released a great and easy-to-follow graphics that will greatly increase your knowledge of your own health plan, as well as others.

Check out the health insurance infographic and other great facts, here.

Here are some interesting facts from the graphic:

  • The typical 22-year old can assume that they and their employer will spend $4,000,000 for ...

Sean Sheffer Video 101 for Your Healthcare Costs - Employer Sponsored Health Insurance


Do you want to know how your healthcare is financed? You’re on your company’s health insurance plan, employer sponsored health insurance, and in trying to understand your healthcare costs, you hear the terms– copays, deductibles, rising medical costs, payroll deductions… how does this all fit into what you pay?

Who is paying for your healthcare?

Here is a link to one of the best videos that gives a clear and concise breakdown of your healthcare costs, created by Milliman.

The video officers clear graphs, percentages, healthcare costs breakdowns for employer sponsored health insurance, and trends for rising costs ...

Sean Sheffer Porting your individual health insurance? Follow These Five Essential Tips


So you have done some research and really think that another insurance provider fits your needs better, now what?

What’s the first step?

Here is a general outline on what to expect and be prepared for. The first step is to approach the new health insurance provider and fill out a specific application for porting. They will process the application and post the request and on the IRDA site within one week. Meanwhile, your original health insurance provider will have to fill out all the data about your policy and credits through the IRDA site as well. Once this ...