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Sean Sheffer The Weight of the Individual Health Insurance Mandate

What will it be for health reform? The Supreme Court will release their historical decision very, very soon. To understand the weight of this decision, Leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee are asking the Supreme Court to allow live television coverage when it rules on the Affordable Care Act. The committee's chairman, Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, and its ranking Republican, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, said the issues were as consequential as any in recent court history, and advocated for recordings in a letter to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Americans have a great and clear interest ...

Sean Sheffer Interactive Map of Supreme Court Decision Outcomes

The days come closer and closer - what will the Supreme Court decide this month? What will be the reprecussion of these decisions?

Check out this great interactive Supreme Court decision map from the New York Times. Depending on each answer and scenario you input - a different outcome will be achieved. 

Here is a description of the questions in the interactive map: 

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision this month on President Obama's 2010 health care law. The court is considering a series of questions to determine whether the law, or parts of it, will survive.

1 ...

Sean Sheffer Supreme Court Decision Effects on Health Care Market

What effect does the Supreme Court have on the health care market?

With the highly anticipated ruling - soon to be out this month - all that is certain is that stocks and bonds will rise and fall relative to the businesses that have a stake in health care.

To put into perspective, Americans spend approximately $2.7 trillion a year on health care, which accounts for %18 of the US GDP and 12% of the Standard & Poor’s 500.

The high court decision is expected to be revealed the week of June 24th, the end of the Supreme Courts current session ...

Sean Sheffer States Stall Health Care Preparations Waiting for Supreme Court Ruling

The Waiting Game

Facing uncertainty in the health insurance market, many states have stalled preparations for establishing health insurance exchanges. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a total of seventeen states have placed implementations of the online market place on hold, while thirteen more states, including the District of Columbia, have already authorized creation. As for the other twenty remaining states, legislation is pending, especially as lawmakers are unsure of any steps to take without a decision by the Supreme Court.

The health insurance exchange, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, serves as a online ...

Sean Sheffer United Healthcare to Keep Parts of Health Care Reform

Regardless of the decision from the Supreme Court to uphold or strike down parts of healthcare reform, in a stunning development, UnitedHealthcare - the nation’s largest health insurance provider, has announced that it will keep several popular provisions of the law.

The Popular Provisions of Healthcare Reform

Although several parts of the Affordable Care Act have proved controversial - most notably the individual health insurance mandate and the expansion of Medicaid, some of the provisions that have already been implemented since 2010 have remained popular with the public and health insurance providers, leading UnitedHealthcare to keep in place:

  • Preventive Care services ...

Sean Sheffer Supreme Court to Reveal Health Care Decision this Month

For those who wait anxiously for the Supreme Court of the United States to finally unveil their decision on the historic Affordable Care Act, the wait may be finally over.

Speculation has so far run wild, as a decision may even be set out as early as this week.
The result will have massive implications, depending if the court upholds the entirety of the law, strikes down the whole thing, or strikes down certain parts of the law - most notably, the individual health insurance mandate, which requires individuals to buy health insurance plans or else face a fee.

In March ...

Sean Sheffer Avoid These False Health Insurance Tactics


Real health insurance plans have standards set by state health insurance regulators and the Affordable Care Act. You may think you’re insured, but if you are fooled into having a “junk” health plan, aka “limited-benefits plan” - as soon as you wind up in the hospital, you’ve reached your yearly limits and may be left fronting all the costs!

Earlier we discussed the problem with Mini-Med/Limited-Benefits plans

Other misleading products, most notably fixed indemnity plans and discount medical cards are targeted at people who don’t have employer sponsored health insurance because they either can’t afford individual ...

Sean Sheffer Identifying Limited-Benefit Health Plans – Mini-Meds


Real health insurance plans have standards set by health insurance regulators and the Affordable Care Act. You may think you’re insured, but if you are fooled into having a “junk” health insurance plan - as soon as you wind up in the hospital, you’ve reached your yearly limits and may be left fronting all the costs!

Following the tale of Judith and her unfortunate incident with her Cigna plan, the Talbots Cigna Starbridge plan is one of the many mini-med insurance products targeted to industries such as retail, food service, and temporary staffing agencies.

How do I identify a ...

Sean Sheffer Beware of False Health Insurance Plans


If it seems too good to be true, well, it probably is. Sometimes, so-called “health insurance plans” just don’t add up, and if you don’t investigate enough, you may be in big trouble. You may think your insured, but as soon as you wind up in the hospital, that telemarketer who sold you the plan is conveniently out of reach… and you’re left fronting all the costs!

Real health insurance plans have standards regulated by the health insurance commissioner of the state and more recently by the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance providers cannot put outrageously low ...

Sean Sheffer Understand Your Health Plan using this Sample Brochure


If your looking to buy health insurance or want to gain a greater understanding of your health coverage, take a look at this coverage sample and see the framework of an insurance plan. This sample will make sure you are up to par with any and all confusing terms to make you get the best value out of your health plan.

Some important takeaways from the sample brochure:

This sample pamphlet will answer many insurance related concepts and why they are important:

What is the overall deductible?

You must pay all the costs up to the deductible amount before this ...