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Sean Sheffer Changes in the Expected Number of Insured under Health Reform

33 million Americans. What’s in a number? This was the amount of Americans projected by the Congressional Budget Office expected to receive coverage in 2014 in the Affordable Care Act, via health insurance exchanges, the individual health insurance mandate, small-business tax credits, and the expansion of Medicaid.

That was, until the political outcry from various states and businesses forced the bill through the eye of needle – the highest court in the country, SCOTUS. The threads of the bill made it through the nine justices – and the infamous individual mandate debate, coveted as a tax. But when all speculation focused ...

Sean Sheffer Challenges for Women's Health Insurance Plans


Are health insurance premiums for men and women set equal for all? Not yet.

Right off the bat, Women spend $1 billion more annually on health insurance premiums than men for the same health insurance plans. This term is coined, “Gender Rating”. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health tracking poll, a minority 35% of people are aware that gender rating is taking place.

Today, this leads to more than 90% of women’s individual health insurance plans versus the same plans for men.

Thankfully, this practice of gender rating is set to end under healthcare reform in 2014 ...

Sean Sheffer Infographic: Learn About Your Health Insurance Plan and Other Options


How soon can you read plan descriptions and health care costs stats before you get lost in numbers?

When it comes to health insurance plans, rising health care costs and policy options, it’s difficult to break it down. Fortunately, Daily Infographic has released a great and easy-to-follow graphics that will greatly increase your knowledge of your own health plan, as well as others.

Check out the health insurance infographic and other great facts, here.

Here are some interesting facts from the graphic:

  • The typical 22-year old can assume that they and their employer will spend $4,000,000 for ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Options for Young Adults


Where do young adults lie within the healthcare reform spectrum, and what are their options?

If you are part of this demographic - young, healthy, and hard pressed for cash– here is a breakdown of many options you’ll have today and by 2014, now that you are required to be covered by health insurance policies.

Option 1: Do nothing

Yes, you are required to have a health insurance policy, OR pay an annual fine. If you choose to forego coverage, beginning in 2014, your annual fee will start at $95, relative to your income. Those who would have to spend ...

Sean Sheffer Small Businesses Weigh Competitive Advantage of Health Insurance Subsidies

For small businesses, one of the toughest aspects of managing the company is taking care of your employees. Running tight margins, do you give your employees health coverage if you are very close to the red?

Under the healthcare law small businesses with fewer than 50 employees are eligible for tax credits of up to 50 percent by 2014 to offset the cost of providing insurance to their employees. That would give millions of small businesses the ability to provide health insurance to employees, and get the best price with the implementation of health insurance exchanges.

The health care law ...

Sean Sheffer A Startup to Shed Light on Health Care Costs

Think of any medical procedure that you may need in the future – a MRI, blood test, or colonoscopy, what are the chances your doctor could quote you exactly on the prices for each of these procedures?

Chances are, prices for the exact same medical procedures vary both in quality and cost per different healthcare provider, and you are unequipped to have any measure of comparison for these discrepancies. Buying an individual health insurance policy is the first step – but ultimately without getting the best price on medical care costs, you fall victim to the billions of dollars Americans waste on ...

Sean Sheffer Fact Checking Health Care Law Claims


What do you think about the law? If you’ve been hearing claims left and right about the law from both sides of the political spectrum, it’s time to get the facts straight.  Here’s the no-spin zone of health reform claims, according the Associated Press.

Here are some highlights:

Those under health insurance plans will keep their current plans.

President Obama says those with health insurance "will keep" their current plans. In fact, the law doesn't guarantee that; your boss can still change or eliminate your coverage.

Under the new law, 20 million Americans could lose their ...

Sean Sheffer What's next for the health reform and health insurance exchanges?

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the majority of the Affordable Care Act, including the individual health insurance mandate – the question on everybody’s plate is: "Now what?"

"We will be ready to ensure that every American has access to affordable, high quality coverage on Jan. 1, 2014," Mike Hash, an official overseeing the exchanges effort at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said on Friday.

So far, 34 states have received over $850 million in grants, which will help build and operate state health insurance exchanges.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 17 states ...

Sean Sheffer Supreme Court Upholds Individual Health Insurance Mandate

View remarks from Obama, Romney, government officials and reporters from ABC News.

The fate of the Affordable Care Act has been decided, and this is a victory for Obama’s health care reform and a rallying cry for republicans.

The Supreme Court has upheld the majority of the Affordable Care Act, most notably the individual health insurance mandate – targeted as the key centerpiece to the entire debate.


View live Coverage here:

Supreme Court Lets Health Law Largely Stand” – New York Times

Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate” – Kaiser Health News

Supreme Court upholds key Obama Healthcare Centerpiece” – Reuters

Official Supreme Court ...

Sean Sheffer Supreme Court Healthcare Reform Decision This Thursday

It’s been a big week for the US Supreme Court, where earlier today in a 5-4 vote they struck down a Montana campaign finance law - which would have allowed states to curb the impact of the court's earlier Citizens United ruling - threw out much of Arizona’s immigration law, and protected juveniles from a lifetime sentence ruling without parole.

As the court wraps up session this Thursday, here are some momentous decisions to look out for and to recap:

Healthcare Reform “ObamaCare”

The Supreme Court will issue its last opinions on Thursday, with its decision on President Barack ...