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Grace Health Savings Accounts: Smart Move for Many

Many experts are predicting that the cost of health insurance will begin to rise next year, due to the many changes the Affordable Care Act will bring. To help offset some of those costs, many consumers are looking at a high-deductible individual health plan, coupled with a health savings account, to make medical care as affordable as possible.

As this option is becoming more widespread, more individuals are tuning into the benefits of a health savings account as a means of maintaining cheap medical insurance over the long term.

What is a Health Savings Account?

Many people are familiar with ...

Grace How Seniors will Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has been touted as a valuable tool for individuals who want to find Cheap Health Insurance because they do not have access to insurance through their employers. However, the working population is not the only ones who will benefit from the ability to compare medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Seniors will also enjoy numerous advantages from this legislation, ranging from a more robust Medicare system to cheap health insurance for preventative care.

If you are a senior, consider these benefits the Affordable Care Act will offer you.

Closing the Donut Hole

Seniors with high-cost ...

Grace How Health Reform will Help People with Disabilities

In the past, individuals with disabilities found it challenging to find affordable health insurance that would cover their specific medical needs. This left many people without individual health plans at a time when they needed coverage most.

To rectify this problem, the Affordable Care Act has included many benefits for individuals with disabilities. We will list a few of those advantages here.

Secure Coverage

Insurance companies have been notorious for dropping members when they became ill or made errors on their insurance paperwork. This left some people without Affordable Health Insurance at a time when they were facing steep medical ...

Grace Private Insurers More Effective at Controlling Health Care Spending

Part of the goal of health care reform is to lower the cost of health care while ensuring that everyone has access to Affordable Health Insurance. To this end, a study was recently conducted to look at significant differences in health care spending in two Texas communities. The study found that health care costs dropped significantly when a private individual health insurance company paid the bill, rather than an affordable health plan like Medicare.

About the Study

The study was conducted by Luisa Franzini, associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Osama Mikhail, also of ...

Grace Improvements in Chronic Care Save Individual Health Plans Money

Chronic conditions cost individual health plans and our health care system at large a significant amount of money every year. For many patients, those costs may be associated with emergency services because their conditions are not well managed. For others, it may be the high cost of medication required to keep symptoms under control. Additional costs are absorbed by Individual Health Plans, as well as the patients themselves. Unfortunately, higher costs don't always translate to a higher quality of care.

Thankfully, one health care facility has found a way to both save money and improve the quality of care ...

Grace Is Group or Individual Health Insurance the Best Deal for You?

When you are in the market for affordable health insurance, you might need to choose between individual health plans and group policies. Each of these types of affordable health insurance offers their own benefits and drawbacks. We have the basics of each to help you make the best decision on an individual health plan for your needs.

What is an Individual Health Insurance Plan?

Individual health insurance plans are those that are purchased directly from an insurance company by an individual. This type of Affordable Health Insurance is usually best for individuals who do not have sufficient coverage through their ...

Grace New Rules to Fight Health Care Fraud Announced

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be acquiring new tools in the fight against health care fraud. The state-of-the-art analytics equipment will not only help stop fraud in its tracks, but will actually predict fraudulent activities, stopping the madness before it begins.

This announcement was the result of a partnership with federal, state and local governments, beneficiaries and providers. In conjunction, the partnership developed innovative ways to get waste and fraud out of the health care system – and subsequently reduce health insurance rates – once and for all ...

Grace Getting the Best Deal on Your Individual Health Plans

If you are in the market for an Individual Health Plan, there is no reason why you can't shop around for the best deal. Like any other commodity on the market, there is a wealth of options in affordable health insurance today. We have the tips you need to get the biggest bang for your insurance buck when shopping for individual health plans.

Do Your Homework

Homework (and the aid of InsureMonkey) is how you can find the best price on individual health plans. You will need to take time and effort to research a number of different options ...

Young Adults Health Insurance

Grace Why Young Adults Don't Have Individual Health Insurance

Statistics show that recent high school and college graduates are some of the most uninsured adults in the country. Recent reports indicate that as many as 39% of high school graduates and 35% of college graduates may not have the Affordable Health Insurance they need.

Every year since 2003, the number of uninsured young adults has been on the rise, with nearly 14 million between the ages of 19 and 29 going without affordable medical insurance in 2006.

Reasons for Lack of Coverage

There are many reasons why this age group may find themselves without adequate, affordable health insurance. First ...

Grace Savvy Tips for Switching Individual Health Plans

When your current individual health plan no longer works for your specific needs, you need to shop around to find another affordable medical insurance policy that works for you. This can be an intimidating process, since most individual health plans are highly complex and sometimes confusing to understand.

When you are getting ready to make the big switch, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

Who is Your Doctor?

If you have a satisfactory relationship with your current provider, you want to find another individual health plan that includes this doctor in their network. Otherwise, you will ...