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Sean Sheffer Rising Health Insurance Premiums Over the Last Decade

How much have health insurance premiums risen?

Regardless of any spin from political pundits,, a nonpartisan information resource at The George Washington University has compiled the facts on the state of our health insurance costs. 

Average health insurance premiums for employers for a family of 4 have increased by 62 % over the last decade, from $8,576 annualy in 2000, to $13,871 in 2010. The amount employees have paid for in that same time span have increased to 82% of the total cost, to $3,721 a year. 

The infographic below is a telling tale of health ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Costs Concern Small Businesses

What’s the number one concern facing small business owners? Ranking at the top: The cost of health insurance, according to the National Federation of Independent Business survey of its members.

52 percent of those surveyed called the cost of health insurance most critical, and even with the impactful Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, health insurance costs have remained the No. 1 concern throughout the 25-year history of the NFIB survey.

Health-insurance costs have increased by 103% for small businesses over the past 10 years, outpacing the rate of inflation and wages, the NFIB report found ...

Sean Sheffer 30 Ways to Save on Health Insurance Costs

What’s the best way to save money on your health insurance?

Chances are you probably heard one or two ways, but how about thirty? Bet you haven’t tried all of them… Kiplinger has a great slideshow of 30 ways you can save, check it out here.

Here’s the comprehensive list from Kiplinger Slideshows

1. Make Sure Everyone Is In-Network

Most people don't realize how much they actually save by staying within the insurer's network: An imaging center in Connecticut, for example, charges a list price of $1,200 for an MRI. But your insurer may ...

Sean Sheffer Aetna to Buy Coventry Health Care


Today, Aetna announced that it would buy Coventry Health Care for $5.7billion, about $42.08 a share.

Aetna’s CEO Mark T. Bertolini said, “Integrating Coventry into Aetna will complement our strategy to expand our core insurance business, increase our presence in the fast-growing government sector and expand our relationships with providers in local geographies.”

The move is expected to align core competencies, mainly for the health insurance provider to expand government-backed healthcare programs Medicaid and Medicare.

A growing trend?

Health reform has brought a slew of changes for all health insurance providers. Most notably, with the increase in ...

Sean Sheffer Nevada Health Insurance Exchange 72M Contract Approved

Nevada has taken measures to setup an online marketplace to buy and compare health insurance policies, with the state board approval of the contract this Tuesday, under the Affordable Care Act.

The contract was worth $72 million, and was approved by the Board of examiners with Xerox State Healthcare. By October 2013, the company will set up the necessary operations and computer systems that will be needed to enroll citizens of Nevada.

Governor Brian Sandoval, Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Secretary of State Ross Miller, all members of the board, worked together to approve the contract.


To fund ...

Sean Sheffer A Tool for Fair Healthcare Pricing

Healthcare cost discrepancies

When’s the last time you went to a hospital, and knew exactly how much the cost of your medical procedures were going to be? Even further, if you see a physician at the hospital down the street for an MRI, chances are at another hospital 2 blocks down, an MRI is quoted at a difference price!

Healthcare costs discrepancies, mainly a lack of any real standard to even gauge how much medical procedures, may leave you unequipped on the most fundamental way to save money!

A book to open up

Healthcare Blue Book is a tool ...

Sean Sheffer A Retail Approach to Health Insurance

Imagine buying health insurance in an actual retail store, able to browse, ask employees questions (and maybe even enjoy the AC.)
Well one health insurance provider in Florida is doing just that. 

Florida Blue has invested in this new approach, changing the staunch white office space and call center to modern retail style stores throughout the state.

Over the last five years, Florida Blue has invested millions of dollars building almost a dozen of these locations, going as far as having an outlet in the Coconut Point mall in Estero

Health Insurance on the Shelf 
Here's the array of ...

Sean Sheffer Is Your Health Insurance Rebate Check in the mail?


Are you familiar with health insurance rebates? Check out this post, health insurance rebates, to freshen up, as you may have just received a little something in the mail today.

The rebates were due to you August 1st, and are part of a slew of changes in the Affordable Care Act, outlining the Medical Loss Ratio.

Want to find out if your health insurance provider made/didn’t make the cut? Check here.

This 80/20 ratio states that all health insurance providers providing individual plans must allocate at least 80% of all expenditures towards health care costs and ...

Sean Sheffer No-Cost Birth Control and Women's Preventive Care Starts Today


Today’s a big day for women’s health, because as of August 1st, all new major health insurance plans must cover women’s preventive health services at no upfront cost.

Have you ever foregone a visit to your doctor because of price? According to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “…surveys showed that more than half the women in this country delayed or avoided preventive care because of its cost,” and with the implementation starting today, women should feel even more confident about their healthcare.

This means that along with the many overall preventive health services, in ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance for the Olympians

What do health insurance policies for Olympians look like? Well, it may actually be similar to yours…

For starters, check out the Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program (EAHI). The description states:

“The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program (EAHI) provides a level of base support by offering a program of health and major medical insurance for designated Elite Athletes in order to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by insured athletes for costs of medical care.”

Sounds similar to a basic health insurance policy, right?

That’s exactly what the official health insurance provider for Team USA ...