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Grace Options in Long Term Family Health Plans under the Affordable Care Act

Long term care for a chronically ill family member can create a financial crisis for many families today. While standard family health insurance policies do not usually come with much coverage for long term care, there are other options available. We have a list of those options, including individual health plans that have been in existence for some time and new choices made possible under the Affordable Care Act.

Private Individual Health Plans

There are some private insurance companies that offer long term care insurance to pay for services like nursing home facilities and home care. Some individual health plans ...

Grace 3 Primary Goals of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has been the star of healthcare conversations in the last year.
While there is no doubt this act will bring major reform to the country's health care industry, there are disagreements about the primary purpose of the legislation. The Affordable Care Act is about much more than simply transforming Individual Health Plans to bring affordable medical insurance to more Americans.

The most important aim of the Affordable Care Act is to save money on health care costs and provide affordable medical insurance to everyone living in this country. To accomplish this purpose, three goals have ...

Grace Limiting Medical Procedures to Cut Costs

Some Republicans on Capital Hill have stopped talking "death panels" and focused their attention on limiting costly medical procedures in an effort to curb rising health care costs. The attention placed on the overall cost of health care could have a significant impact on health insurance rates as well. The soon-to-be chairman of the House's investigative committee wants to take a look at the use of expensive medical devices, the cost of health care and the quality of patient care.

Darrell Issa, a GOP lawmaker who has been selected by House Republicans to become the chairman of the committee ...

Grace How the Affordable Care Act is Improving Quality of Care

The Affordable Care Act was primarily designed to ensure every American has access to health care through affordable health insurance. However, that isn't the only way this legislation is improving health care. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, recently outlined some of the ways that the Affordable Care Act is improving quality of care to patients across the country.

During her keynote address at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 22nd Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, Sebelius talked about how reform is doing more than providing Affordable Medical Insurance. It is also improving ...

Grace Bundled Payments: Wave of the Future for Individual Health Plans?

Bundled payments for medical services are not a new idea, but they have received attention during the Obama administration, particularly in light of health care reform that has already taken place for individual health plans. This approach to health services payments has been touted as the way to save money on health care costs, while raising the bar on patient care standards.

However, are bundled payments really the wave of the future for Affordable Health Plans? We will take a look at the pros and cons of such a proposal.

What are Bundled Payments?

Bundled payments are another method for ...

Grace New Requirements on How Individual Health Plans Must Spend Premiums

Until this year, individual health plans were not required to set any percentage of premiums aside to directly cover the medical care of their members. As a result, those who had to buy health insurance had little way of knowing whether the money they paid into their Individual Health Plans went directly back into the health care industry – or into the pockets of insurance company executives.

To remedy this problem, the Department of Health and Human Services will now be requiring all individual health plans to spend a certain amount of their premium income directly on medical care, rather than ...

Grace Survey Reveals Variations in Health Care Costs

Recent surveys have been conducted to determine if the United States leads the global pack in the most expensive health plans, as most current data suggests. In addition to finding major discrepancies in the cost of medical services and medications across international lines, big differences were noted in health care facilities and pharmacies located just down the street from one another.

Since health care costs affect the ability to provide Affordable Health Insurance to the general population, it is worth taking a closer look at these study results.

International Discrepancies

The International Federation of Health Plans, which includes about 100 ...

Grace Why Preventative Care is a Part of the Affordable Care Act

One of the biggest components to the Affordable Care Act is the preventative services that individual and family health plans are now required to cover without cost sharing. These services ensure Americans across the country will have access to the preventative care they need under their individual health plans.

We have the analysis on why preventative care became such an essential part of family health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

More People Getting Preventative Care

Statistics have shown that fewer people get preventative care when it is not covered under Individual Health Plans. Even when preventative services are included ...

Grace Saving Individual Health Plan Costs through Online Chronic Conditions Program

A recent study shows that significant benefits are possible through the use of online programs to help patients on Individual and Family Health Plans manage chronic conditions. The study was conducted by HealthMedia, Inc. and Highmark Inc. and published in the latest edition of the American Journal of Health Promotion.

The study found that online programs empower patients to better manage a host of chronic condition, saving money on individual health plans overall.

Details of the Study

The study specifically looked at individuals who utilized an online digital coaching program for managing chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and hypertension. These ...

Grace Navigating the Pricing System of the New Health Exchanges

When the new health exchanges begin making an appearance, consumers will be happy to find that the pricing options have become streamlined and more user-friendly. The various packages of family health plans will be categorized by the actuarial value of the plan, which means the more you pay, the better your benefits.

We have the pricing categories explained here to help you shop for the best Affordable Health Plan for your needs.


Platinum family health plans will offer an actuarial value of 90% and will be touted as the "Cadillac" of affordable health insurance. Variables with this plan might ...

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