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Grace 5 Benefits the New Health Insurance Exchanges Will Offer

Health insurance exchanges will offer another option to shop for family and individual health insurance and will help small businesses lower their annual expenses for health plans. These exchanges will provide a vehicle for people who are not covered by their employer's health insurance or are not content with the options currently available.

health insurance exchanges compare plansSimilar to what you've come to expect from InsureMonkey, consumers will be able to compare rates of individual health plans, as well as the benefits they offer. Consider the five ways the new health insurance exchanges will work in your favor:

Retail Competition

It is ...

Grace Smoking Cessation Programs Slashed Despite Individual Health Plan Coverage

Major cuts in smoking cessation programs are happening across the country, raising concerns amongst health advocates. These prevention programs are typically funded by the state, but budget cuts have resulted in less money available for smoking cessation and prevention. This year, the money spent is at its lowest level since 1999, when many smoking cessation programs first began making their appearance or grew more prevalent.

Individual health insurance coverage for smoking cessationDespite the fact that the Affordable Care Act is incorporating coverage in individual health plans for smoking cessation and prevention, there may be fewer programs available for those who want to kick the habit or ...

Grace New Strategies to Enhance Patient Care in Individual Health Plans

Individual health plans do much more than cover medical expenses today. High quality, affordable health insurance companies are also directly involved with the quality of patient care, providing incentives and support for physicians and hospitals to raise the bar on the quality of care they current offer.

individual health insurance patient careCurrently, the large majority of individual health plans incorporate three important features into their coverage to ensure members of their affordable medical insurance receive the highest quality of care possible.

Pay for Performance Programs

It is estimated that more than 35 individual health plans insuring 30 million members now provide some type of ...

Grace Integration Key to Successful Health Insurance Exchanges

Health insurance exchanges, which are due to be implemented by the year 2014, will allow consumers to shop for affordable health insurance from the privacy and comfort of home. Individual states will be responsible for setting up their own exchanges featuring individual health plans available in that particular area. Those states that do not get exchanges up and running by the deadline will have a federal health insurance exchange available for their residents as well.

health insurance exchangeSystem Integration and Online Exchanges

Like InsureMonkey's current model, health insurance exchanges provide a myriad of benefits to consumers, including easy, one-stop shopping, online ...

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