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Grace Helping People Make the Most of HSAs and Individual Health Plans

Health savings accounts (HSAs) have become a popular way for individuals to save for upcoming medical expenses or cover any potential emergencies that might arise. The accounts are typically connected to high-deductible, individual health plans, which offer lower premiums in exchange for the higher deductible.

These plans offer a myriad of benefits, including tax savings, the ability to earn interest on your balance, and the potential to roll funds over at the end of each year.

Optum Health Bank Provides Information, Solutions

Optum Health Bank HSA Card

Optum Health Bank, an FDIC-insured institution that offers HSAs, has redesigned its website to provide information about ...

Grace Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed

Self employment can be a wonderful experience – even when you realize it is up to you to foot the bill for affordable health insurance for yourself and your entire family. To help make individual health insurance more accessible to those who are self employed, InsureMonkey and the Affordable Care Act offer a variety of solutions in individual health plans. Today, we'll try to help you learn more about individual health insurance options for those who go into business for themselves.

Self Employed Find Health Insurance

Basic Options

There are a number of options in affordable health insurance for those who are setting out into ...

Grace The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Employer Coverage

Employer Health insurance Coverage  |  InsureMonkey.comCurrently, approximately 150 million Americans have individual health insurance coverage through an employer's affordable health plan. However, the Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law earlier this year, may change the way companies look at providing health care coverage for their employees. Now the question on every business person's mind is: how might healthcare reform change the scope of employer-offered individual health plans?

Concerns over premium increases and the availability of insurance exchanges are enticing many companies to consider the idea of dropping individual health plans from their standard employment package. Instead, employers will encourage employees to ...

Grace Premium Credits Coming to Anthem Individual Health Customers

Anthem BCBS  |  InsureMonkey.comAnthem Blue Cross Blue Shield customers in Colorado will be receiving premium credits on their individual health insurance this year, which will help offset some of the hikes in medical insurance rates that were under investigation by the federal government. While the company maintains that these hikes were necessary to cover rising medical care costs, Anthem agreed to the premium credits as a means of ending the investigation and satisfying the complaints of their customers. The premium credits will total around $20 million and will be shared by 900,000 Anthem customers in Colorado.

Customers receiving the premium credits are ...

Grace More Small Businesses Offering Health Benefits

Small business health insurance tax credits  |  InsureMonkey.comDespite the complaints many small businesses have expressed regarding healthcare reform, it does appear that many companies are beginning to take advantage of the tax incentives to offer individual health insurance to their employees.

Recent data reported in the Wall Street Journal suggest that more small business owners will be looking for affordable health plans to offer their staffs, as well as using tax credits that may cover as much as 35% of the company's premiums.

Opposition Surprises and Frustrates Dems

Despite these promising statistics, many small business owners are not enthusiastic about the tax credits offered to help ...

Grace Mid-Term Elections May Result in "Tweaks" to Health Insurance Reform

Health Care Reform Changing?  |  InsureMonkey.comThe democrats may have received a "shellacking" during mid-term elections by President Obama's estimations, but the changes seen in the House and Senate will probably not result in a full repeal of current healthcare reform. Instead, the entire bill may see some "tweaking" here and there to address some of the Republican concerns about the current bill, while keeping the benefits that both parties agree are essential to move forward on healthcare reform.

Despite strong rhetoric on both sides of the table, the idea of "reforming" healthcare reform is still the most popular option in getting healthcare legislation that ...

Grace Washington Orders Regence to Cover Kids

Regence BCBS of Washington  |  InsureMonkey.comOne of the provisions of the new healthcare reform that went into effect last month was the inability of insurance companies to deny individual health insurance coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. Anyone under the age of 19 must be allowed individual medical insurance coverage, regardless of any illness or condition that had kept them from getting quality coverage in the past.

In response to that provision, a handful of insurance companies decided to pull individual health insurance coverage from all individuals under the age of 19. However, one insurance company found that the state of Washington didn't support ...

Grace Options in Family Health Insurance Plans

Family health insurance plans explained  |  InsureMonkey.comThe world of family health plans can seem like a complex one today, with many different types of plans and coverage available. To help you find the most affordable health insurance for your needs, we have a listing of the basic types of family health plans available. By familiarizing yourself with the most common health plans on the market today, you will be better equipped to find the best coverage for your family.


Also known as the traditional family health insurance, fee-for-service plans charge customers a set amount of their medical expenses up front. This is called the "deductible ...

Grace Grandfathering Health Plans for Small Businesses

Grandfathered health plans may save moneyTalks are currently in the works to determine whether employers should be shielded from costly coverage changes mandated by the Affordable Care Act. According to the law, employers that switch insurance providers must offer additional services like preventative care. This addition could significantly increase health insurance rates for some companies. No official word has been made from the White House, but if a grandfather clause is allowed for some employers, more affordable health plans could be the result.

Allowing for Flexibility

Since the health care reform law went into effect in March, the administration has made modifications to make the ...

Grace Explaining Health Insurance Exchanges as Part of Affordable Health Insurance

health reform and insurance exchangesIn their effort to ensure many more Americans have affordable health insurance, the current administration has presented a number of options to make it easier for people to pay for individual medical insurance or health plans for small businesses.

One of the options included in the law is affordable health insurance exchanges, which provide an opportunity for individuals to shop around for the most affordable medical insurance for their needs.

What is a Health Insurance Exchange?

Exchanges would offer more opportunities for affordable health insurance by using the basic principles of a retail market. In addition to having multiple individual ...

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