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Grace Health Insurance Reform Includes School-Based Health Centers

School-based health centers are an important component in maintaining the overall health of underserved youth and students with chronic health conditions, improving care and reducing health plan costs. This month, school-based health centers received a big boost from the federal government, when the Department of Health and Human Services and The Health Resources and Services Administration announced that additional funding will be available to those with low-income health plans and private health insurance.

Health Insurance Reform Offers Grants for School ClinicsA total of $100,000 in federal grant money will be available for the construction and renovation of school-based health centers across the country, beginning in the ...

Grace Restaurant Employees in Pennsylvania to Receive Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coming To Pennsylvania Restaurant Employees

According to the most recent statistics, anywhere between four and six million restaurant employees across the United States are living without affordable health insurance at any given time. This lack of proper individual medical insurance taxes not only the individuals living without insurance, but the overall health care system as well.

A pilot program in Pennsylvania hopes to change the dire situation by offering affordable medical insurance to around one-half million restaurant workers in that state alone. If the program is successful, it could spread to other states across the country, ensuring those that work in the restaurant industry will ...

Grace Personal Health Insurance Network Helps Seniors Stay Healthy

Personal health plans today must do much more than merely cover medical expenses for a monthly fee. To compete, personal health insurance companies are providing a myriad of services of their own accord. Health Insurance Company HealthNet Helps SeniorsHealth Net is leading the pack in offering information to seniors today, celebrating "Health Aging Month" by getting the word out on how to live life to its fullest well into the retirement years.

According to the personal health insurance company Health Net ...

Grace Grants Awarded to Increase Health Care Workforce

Families with health insurance will see more doctors available

Federal Grants Beef Up Healthcare Workforce

To address the needs of an aging population, as well as to prepare for increased demands for health care in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, the government plans to award $130 million to the healthcare industry. The funds earmarked for the project will be provided to a host of sectors within the healthcare industry to beef up training and workers in the areas that need it most.

Department of ...

Grace Flu Shots Part of Health Insurance Preventative Care

Flu season is just around the corner, and with those looming germs comes new advice from healthcare professionals regarding who should receive the shot and when it should occur. Now is the time to educate yourself about the latest information regarding influenza and find out what your individual health plan covers in regards to vaccinations. We have the latest information to help you and your family be properly prepared for the upcoming flu season.

Health Insurance Covers Flu Shots As Part of Preventative Care Requirement

Health Insurance Covers Flu Shots As Preventative Care

Why Get Vaccinated?

Each year, dire predictions are made of the toll influenza will take on the general ...

Grace Health Insurance Costs Linked to Obesity?

U.S. Ranked #1 in Obesity Across the Globe

The United States is accustomed to leading in economic and technological advancements. However, this country recently received a distinction it isn't proud of – the fattest country in the world.

The study was conducted by an international think tank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the results were recently reported in USA Today. It found that out of 33 countries that are most advanced economically, the U.S. leads the way in individuals who are considered obese. These findings may explain in part the higher health insurance costs ...

Grace Chronic Conditions? Highmark Health Insurance Has Support for You

Patients who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease can often keep their disease under control with simple diet and lifestyle changes. However, many patients find it challenging to change old habits, and some are not even sure what those new habits should look like.

One affordable health insurance company is hoping to provide the support and information many of these patients need to adopt healthier lifestyles. Highmark Blue Shield recently announced that it will be providing these patients with coupons, recipes and other information that will help them manage their conditions more effectively.

Health Insurance Support for Chronic ConditionsHighmark has long been ...

Grace Tips for Scrutinizing Your Health Insurance Plan

Some people support the current healthcare reform and others do not. However, one thing is certain: Americans are spending more time scrutinizing the current state of their individual health plans than ever before.

Individual Health Insurance SurveyThe additional time can be largely attributed to the recent focus on health insurance coverage by the current administration. A recent study by United Healthcare found that members of individual health plans are taking a closer look at their medical insurance coverage during their open enrollment periods this year than ever before.

To complete the survey, UnitedHealthcare telephoned 1,000 individuals who received their health insurance coverage ...

Grace Mayo Clinic Uses Social Media Health Network

Personal health insurance companies and healthcare providers have been tuning in to the many advantages social networking provides to the healthcare industry. These online tools can be used to share information with patients fighting specific diseases and promote healthier lifestyles.

The Mayo Clinic is leading the way in this endeavor, announcing a social media health network that will help other healthcare providers and personal medical insurance companies use social media effectively to communicate with their patients and with one another.

Mayo Clinic to Improve Health Insurance with Social Health NetworkThe Mayo Clinic is offering this network to help health insurance companies and healthcare providers use social media more effectively ...

Grace Cancer Rates Falling: Positive Affect on Health Insurance?

Cancer rates for many deadly cancers appear to be on a steady decline. There are numerous reasons cited for the lower incidences of cancers like breast, colorectal and lung cancer, including better screening protocols and more effective treatment options for those with medical health plans. As doctors obtain the tools they need to keep cancer cases down, their efforts may positively affect health insurance rates over the long term as well.

The recent figures come from the U.S. National Cancer Institute, along with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Cancer Society and the North ...

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