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Grace Turn Your Sofa into a Therapist Couch with MHN's Web-Video Consultations

Imagine you have the best therapist in the world, but you can't get to her office easily. Now imagine that you can bring the best psychologists right into your home – at least virtually. The Managed Health Network debuted web-video consultations for its PPO members, and the results have been quite promising.

Individual Health Insurance: Health Care Company MHNManaged Health Network, Inc. (MHN) provides a wide range of behavioral health care to its clients. This subsidiary of Health Net, Inc. serves nearly 10 million members through their 46,000 credentialed practitioners and 1,400 hospitals and care facilities nationwide, according to the MHN website. This PPO ...

Grace Qliance Changes Individual Health Insurance: Offers Direct Health Care

In an effort to revolutionize personal health insurance, Qliance has created a completely unique model in individual health plans. Instead of a personal health insurance policy, Qliance customers pay a small monthly fee to cover all primary care services. The model is being touted by many in the health industry as a means of lowering health costs and bureaucratic paperwork across the board.

The Cost of Paperwork

Individual Health Insurance: Qliance EstimatesQliance estimates that as much as 40% of primary health care costs go into processing insurance claims. According to their reasoning, if you manage to cut out the bulk of this bureaucracy, the ...

Grace Adult Kids and Affordable Health Insurance: Is it Possible?

Upon graduating from college, many students face a prickly dilemma. If they cannot find a job, or one that provides benefits, how can they obtain individual health insurance affordably? Many adult kids today face an expensive gap between when their parent's individual health plan stops and their own health insurance begins. If an employer does not provide a plan, finding affordable health insurance can be a challenging proposition, indeed.

The good news is that many adult kids will now have affordable health insurance for a much longer period of time, thanks to changes that go into effect this year ...

Mark Jolley Family Health Insurance: Health Reform Provisions Begin Phasing In Today

For the past week, we've been writing about key provisions of health care reform that begin affecting individual and family health insurance plans today.  The changes are generally intended to be positive and represent progress in the American health insurance industry.

However,  these changes are having some unforeseen consequences that you need to know about.  First, the changes:

  1. Children with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied coverage when applying for an individual health insurance policy or as part of an overall family heath insurance plan.

  2. Your health plan can no longer be rescinded if you get sick (except ...

Grace Family Health Insurance: Children with Preexisting Conditions Receive Coverage

No one knows how unfair the insurance industry can be better than a parent with sick child. Medical health plans often do not cover kids with preexisting conditions, which prevents these children from getting the treatments they need to maintain a higher quality of life. This means that kids with chronic conditions like asthma are more likely to miss school and are at much higher risk for hospital visits because their medical health insurance doesn't pay for necessary preventative care.

Thankfully, parents with children in this situation will be happy to know that times are changing for these kids ...

Grace Affordable Care Act Offers Preventative Care Coverage

Even patients who get medical insurance often have to pay high deductibles or co-pays to receive many types of preventative care. For many, the cost doesn't justify the services, which may mean the preventable diseases are not caught in the early stages, when they are most treatable.

The healthcare reform signed by President Obama earlier this year will change how patients who get medical insurance view those preventative screenings. Beginning on September 23 of this year, the Affordable Care Act will require both group and individual health plans to provide a plethora of preventative services without any additional charges ...

Grace Better Coverage Without Limits: Coming September 23

Patients know better than anyone just how expensive healthcare can be. A single hospital stay with major surgery can quickly approach the six-figure mark, particularly if there are complications or additional treatments required. Many individuals with life-threatening illnesses have lost their insurance coverage right when they need it most because of a technicality or due to limits that were met.

In an attempt to protect consumers from such financial and medical disasters, the healthcare reform signed by President Obama earlier this year guarantees that patients will no longer lose their coverage as easily. Some of the changes will go into ...

Grace Protecting Consumers by Improving Health Plan Appeals

Some consumers with individual or family health insurance may not know what to do if their health insurance coverage does not pay necessary medical bills. In the past, the appeals process was often left between a patient and the insurance company, unless the patient decided to foot the bill for legal advice.

However, new provisions in the Affordable Care Act, slated to go into effect September 23 of this year, will give patients more options in appealing decisions made for their medical insurance coverage.

Internal Appeals

Most health insurance companies offer some type of appeals process when patients have questions ...

Grace Changes on the Horizon: Health Reform Bringing New Rules on September 23

The comprehensive healthcare bill signed by President Obama earlier this year is already seeing some changes in the way insurance companies are allowed to conduct business. By September 23, a number of components of the bill will go into effect, including coverage for children with preexisting conditions and preventative care.

Before you buy health insurance or compare health plans, learn about the upcoming changes listed in detail below:

Coverage for Young Adults

Parents who buy medical insurance will be able to keep children on their policy until their kids turn 26. Some insurance providers have begun to offer this option ...

Grace Small Businesses Passing on Health Insurance Tax Credit

Despite the offer by the federal government to provide tax credits to small businesses to help offset the cost of individual health plans, it appears few companies will be taking advantage of the tax break, according to recent reports.

A nonpartisan research foundation has found that only about 3.4 million of the 16.6 million eligible workers will receive affordable health insurance because of this tax break. Many of these workers already receive individual medical insurance through their employers, so the only change that will be felt is in the pocketbooks of the small business owners.

Terms of the ...

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