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Grace Drive Through for Swine Flu

Think you have the swine flu? Forget visiting the hospital or your doctor's office. Check out your drive-through options instead!

Man drives through temporary clinic to get vaccination for swine flu

Many hospitals are turning to makeshift drive-through facilities to screen patients for H1N1 flu virus and prescribe Tamiflu to those who qualify. This approach is intended to keep the contagious virus out of emergency rooms and doctor's offices, where sick patients inside might be more susceptible to the dangers of the virus.

More Swine Flu

The new procedures are welcomed as the flu virus appears to pick up steam, particularly with school-age children. According to the most recent ...

Grace Seasonal Flu Vaccine Available Now

With concerns over H1N1 influenza on the rise, many are getting a jump on their seasonal flu shots as well. Many health care providers are already offering seasonal flu vaccinations, according to local news reports across the country. This early offering comes in light of the concern that flu season could be tougher than usual, and health officials and the general public are encouraged to do everything they can to keep outbreaks under control.

Who's ...

Kurt Jarcik “Boredom" is a Saboteur

Boredom is Dr Evil's younger brother the “sniper".   He lye's in waiting, dressed in his ghillie suit all day.  As the clock strikes 10:00PM he takes his shot. He changes weapons often, one day he could use a pastry, the next, a leftover brat.  There is no end to his madness, he is “Extra Evil".

Dr. Evil
OK here is the deal, I can't be left home alone.  I am out of control, I am an eating machine.  I will eat things I don't even like...there is no good reason. I am like a bear coming ...

Grace Public Healthcare Option Falters in Senate

As the Senate Finance Committee continues to debate health care reform, it appears that the public option may be one of the first – and biggest – casualties. In a session this week, the Finance Committee voted down the public option by a vote of 15-8, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Senate Finance Committee

How the Vote Shook Out

All of the Republicans on the Finance Committee voted against the public option component, including Maine Senator Olympia Snowe ...

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