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Grace How to Diagnose the Swine Flu – Before Symptoms Arise

With vaccinations still weeks away, some researchers are developing an entirely new way to look at the swine flu. Instead of waiting until symptoms arise to make a diagnosis, they are developing a blood test that will detect who will get the flu long before symptoms set in. The tests are currently underway at Duke University, as reported by the Associated Press.

Swine flu

Who Gets Tested for H1N1?

Duke University students are reporting possible flu symptoms daily ...

Kurt Jarcik Back in the Game

Hey, I am back.


Yeah, I know, I went AWOL.  We launched the beta for our new health insurance web site on June 8th.  Shameless plug Longer workdays and higher stress levels, everything has been crazy around here. I set up my healthy living program and it was working. Then I stopped!


That could take years of therapy to answer.  So for the last seven months, I have fallen back into my old ways. Random cheesecake binging, beer drinking and other fabulous treats both sweet and savory. Making good healthy food choices, exercising, and getting quality ...

Grace Finance Committee Unveils Healthcare Reform Plan – And The Bottom Line

The Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus, unveiled the Finance Committee's healthcare reform plan this week, according to a story by Associated Press.  Baucus also provided the bottom line on what it will cost to insure more Americans and to place certain controls on the insurance industry. The plan was created by a bi-partisan group of senators that make up the Finance Committee, nicknamed the "gang of six."

Baucus Health Plan

The plan was far from ideal for either party, but appears to contain enough compromise for both sides to agree. The main concern of some democrats appears to be ...

Grace Three Reasons to Add Swimming to Your Exercise Program

When you think about getting the heart pumping and the lungs working, what type of exercise comes to mind?  Most people think about a run through the neighborhood park or sweating it out on the treadmill at the gym. However, swimming is a wonderful cardiovascular workout that offers a host of other benefits as well.  There are three reasons to consider incorporating water exercise to your workout program.

Women's Swimming

A Healthy Heart

There is no doubt that swimming works the heart, which improves cardiovascular conditioning. Swimming allows you to build endurance, allowing you to increase blood flow and oxygen consumption at ...

Grace Making Sense of Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

Weight loss is challenging enough when we're young, but when the middle years arrive, dropping extra pounds seems much more impossible. It's no wonder that weight loss supplements have become such a huge industry, with pills promising you that supermodel body you've always craved.

Many of these supplements boast similar formulas, with a few key ingredients resurfacing in product after product.  Learn about these common weight loss supplement ingredients to see if any of them actually live up to their claims, and whether they are safe for your health.

Weight loss supplements

Fat Burning

The idea behind fat burners is ...

Grace Swine Flu Continues to Spread to American Troops in Iraq

Just to prove the swine flu is an international concern, the number of American troops in Iraq that have been diagnosed with the illness continues to rise. According to a report on MSNBC this week, H1N1 influenza cases in American soldiers have climbed to 67 in the region. United States troops are now considered the largest group of people in the area to be diagnosed with the virus.
Swine flu spreads to troops

Swine flu cases in Iraq climb to 67

The deputy health minister of Iraq says that all of the troops are undergoing treatment or have already been treated and recovered. No fatalities ...

Mark Jolley Choosing a Health Plan

The following is a re-post of an article by freelance writer Linda Stern for

–Linda Stern is a freelance writer. Any opinions in the column are hers. You can follow Linda Stern's financial notes on Twitter at –

Washington's health-care reform debate could go on for a while, but who can afford to wait?

In the next few months, most employees will have to choose a health insurance plan for 2010. Others may face job loss and the loss of employer-provided benefits, or are newly emancipated — graduated and ...

Grace Town Hall Meetings: The Good, the Bad and the Political

In an attempt to sway conservatives over to President Obama's health care vision, there have been numerous town hall meetings around the United States. These meeting were originally scheduled by lawmakers in hopes of educating the general population about the details of the health care plan on the table. However, the meetings have taken a turn for the worse, with many attacks on both the health care proposals specifically and the administration in general.

town hall mtg

The Healthcare Confusion

According to Reuters, the town hall meetings were to be hosted by a number of congressmen to discuss the push for health ...

Mark Jolley A Personal Appeal to Help Get Everyone Insured

President Obama addresses the nation tomorrow night about Health Care Reform.  Democrat Senator Max Baucus of Montanta, widely recognized as the point person in the Senate working on a bi-partisan agreement, is close to having a compromise bill draft.  Republican Senators and Congressmen are pushing back on what they consider a big government solution to health care. What we all know and agree on is that there are major problems in our health care.  There are areas of agreement and areas of disagreement.  One major area of agreement is the need for every citizen to have quality, affordable health insurance ...

Mark Jolley Severe Childhood Obesity Triples in the Last 25 Years

Despite dire warnings from health care professionals about the risks of obesity, a recent government health survey shows that severe childhood obesity has continued to rise over the past three decades. A new article in the September issue of Academic Pediatrics Journal showed that obesity in children is a continuing trend, and there are significant differences between races, genders and income levels.

Stages of childhood obesity

The Skinny on the Study

Severe obesity in children is defined as being in the 99% percentile for BMI for a particular age. The results came from an analysis of a long-running government survey known as the National ...

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