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Grace New Report by CDC: More Pregnancy and STDs in Teens

Between 1991 and 2005, the number of teen pregnancies and STDs had been on a steady decline, giving many hope that the trend would continue.  However, according the CDC, the phenomenon has now shifted, based on numbers for 2006 and 2007.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="210" caption="Teen pregnancy is on the rise in recent years."]Pregnant Teen[/caption]

Janet Collins, Director of CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, said in a press release that much of the data in this study was cause for concern. It appears that many steps toward reducing teen pregnancy may ...

Grace Liquid Calories: What They Are – and Why They're Bad for You

Having trouble getting rid of those last few pounds? Surprised by your weight gain despite upping your veggie helpings and swearing off glazed donuts? Perhaps the liquid you are putting in your cup is the key to your weight loss woes. More and more, scientists are finding that liquid calories are much more detrimental to a weight loss program than the foods you eat.
Starbucks Big Calorie Drink

Loads of Calories in This Drink

How Many Calories are You Drinking? Clearly, liquid calories won't fill you up the way food calories will. However, the significance of that fact should not be undermined in ...

Grace Five Foods for a Flatter Stomach

Who doesn't want a flatter stomach today? With a focus on lean, toned physiques, the abs get a lot more attention than many of us would like. The good news is that you can eat your way to six pack abs by choosing foods designed to burn fat and aid in the digestive process. Of course, a few crunches won't hurt either!  We've got the skinny on the five best foods to indulge in for a flatter stomach.

Workout Girl Abs


There are lots of great reasons to enjoy a juicy grapefruit every day. These citrus beauties are loaded ...

Grace President Obama Plays Hardball on Health Care

The home team faced an uphill battle at the bottom of the ninth inning during the one of the last games during the (Congressional) season. When hope seemed to be lost, Coach (Obama) rallied the troops, determined to bring together a (healthcare) win before the end of the season.


On the cusp of the August recess, President Obama took on friends and foes alike this week when he stated that health care reform simply couldn't wait. He urged members of Congress to pull together and find a common ground for the sake of the American people. He also assured ...

Grace Is the Swine Flu Resistant to Tamiflu?

The bad news began in Denmark last month. A Danish resident was confirmed to have the swine flu, known as the H1N1 influenza, but did not respond to treatment with Tamiflu. The medication was offered as a preventative measure after the patient came in direct contact with a person infected with swine flu. However, the patient went on to contract the virus and was given a different medication after being diagnosed.

Tamiflu: Questions about its Effectiveness

The Danish patient was prescribed Relenza when Tamiflu proved ineffective. The patient has fully recovered from the illness and is no longer displaying symptoms ...

Grace E.coli Bacteria: Beware of President Obama's New Food Safety Initiatives

Earlier this year, hundreds became ill due to a massive salmonella outbreak that originated in peanut products. The outbreak resulted in the recall of peanut-based products, especially peanut butter. More recently, the discovery of E. coli in Nestle Tollhouse products and 380,000 pounds of beef meant even more products recalled from grocery store shelves.

In light of recent food recalls, the federal government has developed new standards to make food safer. The standards are designed to reduce the occurrence of salmonella and E. coli for foods like poultry and eggs, beef, leafy greens and high risk produce like tomatoes ...

Grace Tylenol Restrictions Create Headaches for Consumers

The FDA's recently proposed limits on the use of acetaminophen have prompted many patients to call their doctors with questions filled with worry and fear. Many people rely on daily doses of acetaminophen, found in commercial products like Tylenol, to help manage chronic pain. Banning the substances would leave them wondering where to turn for relief.

However, the Food and Drug Administration is not proposing a complete ban of acetaminophen-based products. In fact, the proposal is to limit the amount of the drug taken daily to a smaller, undisclosed dosage. Anything over this determined amount would only be available ...

Grace Want a Healthier Heart? Get More Sleep

We know that a healthier heart leads to a longer life expectancy. We also know that keeping a heart healthy means eating our veggies (ugh!) and exercising daily (ooh!). However, researchers have now found that middle-aged folks can do something else to keep the ticker humming right along – and this technique won't hurt a bit.  What's the solution? Get more sleep!

Baby sleeping

Sleeping for Longer Lives

Recent findings suggest that people in their middle years can help prevent high blood pressure by getting more shut-eye. While this is not revolutionary news (there have been previous studies to support this ...

Grace Is No News about Your Health Good News? Think Again

Many of us undergo routine tests at the doctor's office and promptly forget about them. After all, the doctor will let us know if there is cause for alarm, right? According to a recent U.S. study, the answer is not so clear. It turns out a significant percentage of medical offices do not get back to patients with test results – even if results are abnormal.

Are Doctors Neglecting Bad Test Results?

The research was conducted by Dr. Lawrence Casalino of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York and reported on Reuters this week. Dr. Casalino found that doctors ...

Grace What's New This Summer with the Swine Flu?

While the media attention on H1N1 has dwindled, does this mean the swine flu pandemic has passed?  Although many of us are moving on with life and forgetting all about this new virus strain, the bug has been busy infecting more and more people.

Mutations in the Virus

However, recent developments in Australia and South America have led medical experts to worry that the virus may be showing the first signs of mutation. Germany is the first country to voice their concerns, with the German Federal Agency for Infectious Diseases stating that the signs of mutation in the H1N1 virus ...

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