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Grace 3 Reasons Why Interval Training Can Be Your Body's Best Friend

Interval training isn't a new idea, but it has picked up speed as a popular way to burn fat and become fit quickly.  Interval training involves a combination of aerobic and anaerobic activity that allows for bursts of intense training interspersed with active recovery time. Basically, you walk, you run, and you walk again throughout your set workout time. Depending on the pace you set, interval training can be brutal, but it will get your body buff like no other kind of workout can. Check out these benefits of interval training.

1. Fat Burning
Interval training is one of ...

Grace Is Your Child One Video Game Controller Away from Addiction?

Video games have been blamed for a gamut of social problems – and potentially for good reason.  A recent study shows that one in every ten kids who plays video games may show signs of an addiction to the activity.  The Iowa State study polled nearly 2000 youngsters and showed that boys suffered from addiction about four times as often as girls, with the results published in the May issue of Psychological Science.

Addiction 101

Addictive behavior grows in its scope, meaning that an individual continuously needs more of an activity or substance in order to be satisfied.  When the person ...

Grace Say Goodbye to Paper Medical Files

Medical records will no longer be relegated to a disarray of paper files.  Starting this week, there will be a new way to keep track of health records.  Patients can now keep tabs on their health online through the Mayo Clinic Health Manager, a website that combines the Mayo Clinic with Microsoft technology known as HealthVault. 

Patient Initiative

While the initial setup and maintenance will initially need to be conducted primarily by the patient, the hope is that websites like this one will interconnect with doctors, pharmacies and hospitals for more efficient record keeping and better management of chronic conditions ...

Grace More Exercise Means Less Obesity for Kids

If you needed one more reason to send your kids outside to blow off steam, we've got it. A Canadian study at Queen's University found that kids who exercise for longer periods of time will have a lower risk of becoming obese. The study looked at the exercise habits of nearly 2500 children, and discovered that those who exercised in sessions longer than five minutes had a lower risk of developing obesity than those who had more sporadic bouts of physical activity.

How Long Your Child Exercises Matters

After analyzing the data from these subjects, researchers learned that ...

Grace What is Cy-Yo?

Fitness gurus love to jump on the bandwagon of the next big exercise craze, if for no other reason than to diversify the workout routine. In some cases, the newest fad will actually be a combination of tried and true exercise methods that are put together in an innovative way. This is the case with Cy-Yo, a routine that combines yoga with indoor cycling for a complete workout that offers a plethora of benefits.

Cardio and Yoga in One

Many who tuned into the physical and mental benefits of yoga found that they had to add cardio to receive a ...

Grace Peanut Butter Proves “Organic" and “Food Safety" Don't Arrive Hand-in-Hand

The rage in modern food circles popularizes the organic movement.  Go to the supermarket and among the plethora of choices you have ranging from “low-fat" to “low-MSG" and “free-range" is also the ever popular “organic."

People pay up to 50% more for products with the organic label, and subsequently, they have high expectations.  Since the entire organic industry has been built on the notion that these fruits and vegetables are purer and better for humans, the buyers of the products expect a higher standard of safety for them, perhaps justifiably so.

However, one question remains.  Just because a product is ...

Grace Why the “Six Week" Exercise Program is a Farce

We've all seen those dramatic before and after photographs on television showing how a pudgy 50 year old man became a buff beefcake after using exercise equipment just 30 minutes a day, three times a week, for six weeks.  However, if you're wise, you won't buy into the notion that you can accomplish a body transformation in that type of timeline.

The Six Week Experiment

Dr. Carl Foster of the University of Wisconsin and other researchers decided to put the “six week transformation" idea to the test.  They took sedentary people and put them into a six ...

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