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Grace Top 10 Go-To Bloggers in Healthcare

From your best friend to your grandmother, blogging has continued to grow as a permanent phenomenon.  Once a personal means of expression, blogs have now become authoritative, daily sources of cutting-edge information and interesting news.

These days, many people are turning to bloggers for healthcare information and wellness ideas.  And we're no different.  Whether we are looking for niche information regarding a health insurance or specific ailments, or daily ideas on how to live a natural lifestyle, we turn to these blogs for the skinny.  And you can too!

10.  Tara Parker-Pope: New York Times health blogger Parker-Pope provides ...

Kurt Jarcik Just Not Fun

Food is Fuel

It is easy to say food is fuel. It is much harder to believe it. As for me I still haven't bought into the whole thing.  In the past I looked forward to lunch. I would start planning it around 9:30. As the morning gave way to noon, my mood would pick up. I would get a spring in my step and a feeling of joy would fill the office.  “It is lunch time" I would say, and the planning would give way to action. 

Now lunch is not like that, it is just the ...

Grace If Your Doctor Prescribes It, Take Nancy Reagan's Advice & "Just Say No"

Imagine that you visit your physician, who prescribes to you a medication that is foreign to you.  Further imagine that this medication is listed on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) website as a drug with potentially problematic side effects and complications. If you find yourself in this scenario, you might want to take Nancy Reagan's advice about drugs and “just say no" to the ones your doctor prescribes.

In a recent list posted on the FDA's website, the country's healthcare watchdogs have listed a number of drugs that the agency is reviewing because of ...

Grace Open Access to EHRs

The ever-changing landscape of patient records management is becoming increasingly electronic. Health care providers and insurance companies need a simple, direct link that allows easy access to patient records. The solution is electronic health records (EHRs). These electronic documents are helping make business-as-usual easier along with health insurance more cost-efficient and affordable. However, there are still some fine points that need to be agreed upon at the federal level before they become the rule of the day.

Seeking Congressional Support

With these fine points in mind, recently, a dozen groups, including health care vendors, advocates and health information exchanges, submitted ...

Kurt Jarcik The Rebound

Food is Fuel

OK, I am back in the game.

This week was much better than last week.  I am still very solid all day during the week. I have set up a controlled environment at the office. Alex and I went shopping, the kitchen cabinets here in the office are packed full of food that makes healthy eating automatic.

I have started to eat breakfast in the office, which eliminates even more distractions.  I often stopped at a Jack in the Box on the way to work.  They have the extreme sausage sandwich.  I like it VERY much.  With ...

Kurt Jarcik Losing Focus

Food is Fuel

I have the daytime weekday routine down. I am on target most, if not, all of the time. The afternoon snack can be a problem, but I am rock solid all the way until 3:00 PM.

Dinner and the weekends are a big problem. I went out to dinner four times, one business dinner, three social dinners. I drank Jack Daniels (the undisputed, pound for pound best whiskey ever). I ate pork, beef, and cheese (you know I love cheese). I did not eat cookies, pie, or cake (you also know by now that I love ...

Grace No New Appointee Yet to Head HHS

When Tom Daschle recently dropped his bid for health and human services (HHS) secretary, the Obama administration was left scrambling for a replacement. Thus far, the Obama team has not found a ready substitute.
Daschle's retreat from the fracas came as a result of intense scrutiny related to some unpaid taxes in his past.

Obama's reaction was to admit that he “screwed up," and he wanted the American public to know that he did not endorse two sets of rules: one set applying to the big politicians and the other applying to the rest of us.
At this ...

Grace Are We Changing Yet? Obama Approves Expansion of SCHIP

Regardless of where Americans stand along the great political divide, most of us will probably agree that providing health insurance to America's low-income children is a noble and valuable step in the right direction when it comes to health care reform.  Recently, President Barrack Obama signed into law an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). This is the new president's first victory in his battle to change the landscape of health care coverage in this country.

SCHIP Revisited

The bill to expand SCHIP was ushered through Congress and its passage indicates that $33 billion ...

Grace From Sick Care to Health Care

Sen. Tom Harkin was recently put in charge of spearheading the prevention and public health portions of Obama's health care reform bill. According to Harkin, what America now has is not a health care system at all, but a “sick care" system that focuses on cleaning up the debris after illness has struck – rather than prevention before illness takes hold. In a recent Newsweek article, Harkin indicated that he would contribute to the health care reform by focusing on preventing disease and improving overall public health.

Changing Hearts and Minds

Harkin believes that reform must begin with changing the ...

Grace Healthcare Spending Up, Healthy Americans Down

Has seeing the doctor and buying prescriptions become a luxury that Americans can no longer afford?  Has health care become the “elective" cost of the day?

With the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, many Americans are putting their health on the backburner.   According to a recent New York Times article, national spending on health care and prescription drugs was down in 2007 and that continues to be the case.  The overall costs of health care have risen to such a degree that Americans are feeling the pain in their pocketbooks.

The report, based on recent information released by the U.S ...

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