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Sean Sheffer Easier to Understand Health Insurance Benefits Coming Sep. 23


Good news, starting September 23, health insurers and group health plans will be required to provide you with an easy-to-understand plan summary about a health plan’s benefits and coverage. This new regulation is designed to help you better understand and evaluate your health insurance choices; the forms will consist the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and a Uniform Glossary.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Easy reading: A short, plain language Summary of Benefits and Coverage, or SBC
  • Definitions: A uniform glossary of terms commonly used in health insurance coverage, such as, “premium”, "deductible" and "copayment"
  • Standardization: All insurance ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Costs Continue to Rise for Individuals and Small Businesses


The reports are out and the verdict: Rising health insurance premiums across all lines.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s latest study on health insurance premiums, the number of companies offering insurance has remained the same while costs continue to rise.

Individual health insurance rates increased 5 percent, small businesses saw a raise at 8%, and employer coverage for families grew at 4%. This represents the largest increase in family health insurance plans since 2004.

Small-businesses working to provide coverage

According to the KFF annual survey, small companies with fewer than 200 employees paid 84 percent of premiums for ...

Sean Sheffer The Biggest Mistake When Choosing Your Health Plan

With open enrollment right around the corner, what's the biggest mistake you can make when choosing your health insurance plan? 

Not taking the time to understand what your health insurance needs will be in the upcoming year. 
What is open enrollment? 
Open enrollment is the time of year when employers present to employees their health benefits and offerings, products and packages, all of which will influence your premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. 

For majority of U.S. companies, open enrollment season is starting, and according to a Fox news report, more than 50 percent of employees don’t know which ...

Sean Sheffer Understanding Healthcare Claims from the Left and Right

Are all those health insurance and health reform claims on the campaign trail making your head spin? Here's a clip that can clear things up!

The clip is an investigation by PBS Newshour that takes a look into someone who lost insurance and how the Affordable Care Act affected them. The video also highlights the Republican plan to counteract the rise in healthcare spending that with alternate solutions, bringing a focus on how competition can lead to healthcare innovation, and reforming Medicare with the inclusion of vouchers for seniors.

Some Highlights

The Democrats resonate with the fact that the ...

Sean Sheffer Interactive Health Insurance Coverage Map

Want to know how many people are insured or uninsured specifically in your county?

The U.S. Census Bureau has an excellent mapping tool to let you see just that. The map shows the insurance coverage rates for over 3,100 counties! The info was collected back in 2010, remember when all those people came knocking at your door?

Health Insurance Coverage Map

Interactive Health Insurance Map

Check it out here.

The Census Bureau site says the program, called the Small Area Health Insurance Estimates, SAHIE, shows coverage by sex, age, race and Hispanic origin

"We use SAHIE data to more effectively gauge the ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Changes for 2013


It seems as if we just got to know 2012 – but already there are prediction as to what’s to come 2013.

The biggest headline of them all: employers expect health insurance benefit costs to rise about 7 percent in 2013.

This is according to a survey from the National Business Group on Health, which conducts an annual survey of health insurance benefits from the nation’s largest employers on their expected benefit costs and how they plan to allocate the amount paid by employees.

This lies on top of the fact that in both 2011 and 2012, the survey ...

Sean Sheffer Romney's Plan for Health Insurance


The Republican National Convention has just concluded – and many proposals on the future of America’s healthcare were outlined. Here we take a look at several key points on Governor Romney’s plans for middle-class health insurance policies.

There’s been a lot of talk about the middle class, and according to a 2009 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 11 million uninsured Americans came from the middle class, about a quarter of the nation's total uninsured. Most middle-class Americans, approximately 3 out of 4, are insured through their employers, according to the report. For those without health insurance ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation Part 3

Concluding the look into so-called "health insurance" plans, here's the confrontation into tackling these deceptive schemes.

The bottom line: We provide real health insurance plans, designed to protect you in your health and finances. Don't ever hesistate to ask us questions, our doors are open!

Chris Hansen meets up with Maria, a telemarketer who was recorded by Dateline's hidden cameras as she decieved customers about health plans she was selling. And now, at least two states are taking action. 

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Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation Part 2

Continuing the investigation into a world where companys exploit those in need of real, affordable insurance plans, we take a deeper look into the terminolgy and manipulative ways theses callers use to sell you anything but a major medical health insurance plan. 

Chris Hansen and the investigative team at MSNBC go undercover - who's really on the other side of the line? 


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The next time you're suspicious of a call - give us a ring, and we'll be happy to shed light and educate you on ...

Sean Sheffer Health Insurance Scams: An Investigation

If you're part of the 50 million Americans struggling without health insurance - we know that resources are scarce, and it takes tremendous responsibility to get through. 

Don't fall victim to these health insurance scams, as Keith Moore and Renee Jones realized only too late.

If you have questions on any health insurance plan that seems too good to be true - give us a call immediately. Period. 

Keith Moore and Renee Jones were like 50 million other Americans without major medical insurance. So when they heard about a plan they thought was comprehensive insurance at an affordable cost, they ...